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'll look at that tonight. >>> also tim hetherington is remembered tonight. why he's so missed. his close friend and colleague joins us for that. you'll hear that from him tonight. >>> we begin tonight with breaking news. the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency, the man who spent years investigating lance armstrong, has told cbs news that armstrong lied about his doping in his interview with oprah winfrey. the same interview that was advertised as no holds barred. lance armstrong saying he was telling the full truth. the interview where armstrong repeatedly said he was coming clean about his use of banned substances. tygart whose damning report led to the cyclist stripped of his titles and banned from the sport for life, he also told cbs news he's offered armstrong a deadline, february 6th, to cooperate fully and totally truthfully in exchange for a lessening of his lifetime ban from sports. joining me is juliet macur and betsy andreu. travis is telling scott on "60 minutes" that lance armstrong lied to oprah winfrey about his 2009-2010 attempt at the tour de france. armstrong said he use
tim can speak. >> i mean, it depends on your definition of "speak." but, i mean, the languages that i'm familiar with or i know to varying degrees is more than 20 at this point. >> wow. [ laughter ] that's crazy! like, i never even heard of that! 20 languages? one teen? that's a smart kid. >> wow. 20 languages? i barely know two. >> i think that's awesome. that's cool. like, i wish i knew 20 languages. >> and here's something even more amazing -- he started only three years ago. >> tim, i need help. >> at the time, tim was preparing for his bar mitzvah, the jewish coming-of-age ceremony. he had to learn the language of the bible, ancient hebrew. >> and around the time that i finished, i decided that i wanted to take a look at modern hebrew as a language, to actually learn how to speak it, 'cause i had a very big interest in the politics and history of that region of the world. >> that region, of course, is the middle east. so, after learning israel's hebrew language, tim tried his hand at arabic. >> and then, from that, that's when i started getting very interested in pursuing languag
into the future. also, coming up, tim tebow. when this guy, the heisman trophy winner in the nfl quarterback, everyone drops to their knees and does that tebow thing. we will speak to him about how money endorsement request he gets a year. yes, do not worry, i will ask him where his next team maybe if he leaves the jets. a lot of people said he would. i heart competition. we will be asking about bona fide, groupon, there is so many groups out there. incredible competition. let's take a look at this rally that we have. not bad at all. take a look at the dow jones industrials. the height of the session has been at 80%. the s&p 500 has pulled back. highs the session of about seven points. pulling back just a little bit in the last hour. boeing, it is moving higher by about 3%. this after it fell yesterday after concerns of an incident with a 787. boeing today moving up. and executive coming out with some comments saying that these problems are typical. it is really no big deal. we reassure you everything is under control. hewlett-packard is moving. that stock has surprised a lot of people over
. we remember tim and his unbelievable journey ahead. [ male announcer ] some day, your life will flash before your eyes. make it worth watching. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. an entirely new pursuit. introducing the 2013 lexus ls. life with crohn's disease is a daily game of "what ifs". what if my stomach pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if this takes too long? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your crohn's symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need visit knowcrohns.com/tv and use the interactive discussion guide to speak with your gastroenterologist. >>> tonight 360 investigation reporting a story that you need to know about. billions of your tax dollars are at the heart of it. tax dollars that were given away as part of the obama administration's stimulus plan, money that the government promised would transform our rail system. it was a very ambitious plan, no doubt about it, when it was first announced. the presi
to be nominating jack lew to replace tim geithner as his new treasury swuf state. stay with us for live coverage from the white house. next, the gunfight continues. joe biden sits down with the nra. stay with us. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? the carful? how about...by the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. is a fantastic experience. 30 shrimp for $11.99. i can't imagine anything better. you're getting a ton of shrimp, and it tastes really good! [ male announcer ] hurry in to red lobster's 30 shrimp for just $11.99! choose any two of five savory shrimp selections, like mango jalapeƑo shrimp and parmesan crunch shrimp. two delicious shrimp selections on one plate! all with salad and unlimited cheddar bay biscuits. 30 shrimp, just $11.99 for a limited time. wow, that's a lot of shrimp. i'm ryon stewart, i'm the ultimate shrimp lover, and i sea food differently. is efficiently absorbed in small continuous amounts. citracal slow release continuous
, jack lew, to be his next treasury secretary. outgoing treasury secretary tim geithner should be there also. >> spearing tough fiscal fights with congress and his choice is raising questions about how independent the new treasury chief will be from the white house. steve liesman taking a close are look at this. steve, how independent are they and when they get too independent as paul o'neill did, they get fired. >> very good point. one is how much independence they exercise in office but the other is the chief criticism of jack lew so far is how much independence he brings to the job before he takes the office. the issue is when you think about the past seven treasury secretaries they've all come to the office in their resume with a bit of intendens, which leads you to something other than politics at the white house. let's go through it now. lloyd benson back in 1939 appointed by clinton, he was politically right of center of president clinton. that was the one thing. robert rubin came from goldman sac sachs. it was something other than political. larry summers, appointed by
by that conversation. several days later, a big bloomberg story was that tim geithner was trying to force me out. all this stuff about how i was not a team player, even if i stayed, i would not be part of the important policy decisions, it was a petty story. >> where did it come from? >> i do not know. there was a backlash. the chairman of the senate banking committee wrote a letter to the president asking him to keep me. he said, he liked me and what i was saying and i had a sense of urgency that he liked. that was it. i stayed. i tried to find out. we had disagreements. i did not think it was a bad thing to voice different views. i was surprised. we did not have a very productive conversation. we got through it still. we did what we needed to do. i always tried to protest pay. i always -- to participate. i always came to the table. we tampered the bailouts. a lot of the policy choices that were made were not once i would make if i were running things. >> a long paragraph. i want to put it on the screen so people can follow it. what would all this say about our financial system and our regulators? -
chief of staff jack lew to head the treasury department. he praised outgoing secretary tim geithner. if confirmed, he would take over the treasury department's before the white house and congress debates the debt ceiling. this is 15 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the president of the united states accompanied by some of tim geithner and sap jack lew. >> men, everybody, please have a seat. a little more than four years ago, i stood with mr. tim geithner and denounced him as my first to my cabinet. we were barely two months into the financial crisis, the stock market have quivered, the housing market had cratered as well, a bank after bank was on the verge of collapse, and worst of all, more than 800,000 americans would lose their jobs in just a bad month. and the bottom was not yet in sight. i cannot blame tim when he told me he was not the right guy for the job. [laughter] extensivet tim's experience with economic policy made him qualified and i knew he could hit the ground running. as chairman of the new york federal reserve, he had just spent several sleepless and chaotic weeks
have a seat. a little more than four years ago, i stood with mr. tim geithner and denounced him as my first nominee to my cabinet. we were barely two months into the financial crisis. the stock market had greater and the housing market had cratered as well. bank after bank was on the verge of collapse. worst of all, more than 800,000 americans would lose their jobs in just that month. and the bottom was not yet in sight. i could not blamed him when he tried to tell me he was not the right guy for the job. [applause] but i knew that his extensive experience with economic policy made him qualified. i knew he could hit the ground running. he had just spent several sleepless and chaotic weeks emerged in the crisis and had been working closely with his republican predecessor to save the financial sector. then with the wreckage of our economy still smoldering and unstable, i asked him to help me put it back together. thanks in large part to his steady hand, our economy has been growing, our businesses have created nearly 6 million new jobs, the money we spend to save the financial system ha
at john carroll university. it looks like tim tivo will get a homecoming invite to jacksonville. -- tebow will get a homecoming invite to jacksonville. new general's manager could not have made it more clear that tim tebow has no more of the future than mark mullarkey. >> as far as tim goes, he is a member of the new york jets. i cannot imagine a scenario where you would be a jackson jaguar. >> wow. >> i cannot imagine any circumstance. >> he could not have been more direct. >> tim tebow be the starting quarterback of jacksonville next year. [laughter] >> >> we are really lucky weatherwise in terms of temperatures. into the 60's on sunday. we will start to cool off next week when temperatures get back to normal. the forecast looks very cold. temperatures are in the teens. >> i bet you are all freaking out more than i am. [laughter] >> that is all for 11 news tonight. >> >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "american idol," ryan seacrest, randy jackson and keith urban, standup comedian anthony
surprised when i received a call from a man named tim allen, and i asked him, are you the tim allen. and he said yes, i am. but he wasn't, a different tim allen. and he shared that his foundation wanted to award a teacher for their work. i was pleasantly surprised this was being done. because so many times teachers tirelessly work without recognition. and then he shared that the teacher was michelle kyung. and i knew why they this chosen her. mrs. kyung has been a teacher at washington high school for 13 years. and has a da in history from san francisco state. she's a social studies teacher teaching modern world and ap psychology, and she's a driving force in our ap academy. we are very proud of her at washington high school. and it's excellent when your colleagues can stand up and say wonderful things about you. the principal and five former students and present students. there was a large article in the paper about her, and one student said that mrs. kyung shows huge role in education, and i look for someone to have impact on me. she educates with fun, she deserving this award because of
's tim kaine. congratulations, senator. >> thank you. >> reporter: later, virginia's newest senator mingled with supporters at a reception. tim kaine, who worked with a republican dominated legislature as governor of virginia, said he's coming to the congress to build bipartisan bridges but with his eyes wide open. >> and that means over the next 60 days with a tipping -- on sequester and the debt ceiling, we have to continue to talk about budget and fiscal soundness. >> reporter: during campaign, you expressed confidence across the aisle. a majority of republicans on the house side did not vote for the compromise. >> it's a true majority didn't. but we haven't seen those votes coming out of the house and so i view that as a positive. >> reporter: good luck to tim kaine. virginia, brian s a particular swing state, although most of the house members in virginia are republican and they won solidly in the most recent two senate races, voters in virginia chose two democrats, tim kaine joins mark warner in the senate. brian? >> john henrehan tonight. >>> out with the old, in with the new
twists and turns. tim brant has the sto from the beginning. >> the superdome in new orleans. that is where this sean will end. it is also where the professional career of robert griffin iii began. all rgiii di that day inhe big easy was make it look easy, 320 yards and two touchdowns and a resoununding upset win in his first professional game. >> we came out and played big on a big stage and we won. >> week 5 against atlanta the hit occurred around the nfl. griffin suffered a c concussion and left the gamed. itazed yes. unfazed? you better believe it.t. >> everybody knows i am a tough guy. i promised i would get up from hits like that and i did. >> the resilience iii got up and it was at fedex field the next week that h he turned in his signature play of 2012. >> it was all a blur. the tight end coach said he felt we run byim, it washat fast i don't know. >> everybody kept saying slide slide, slide, and then when we saw he had the ankle everybody was saying, keep goingkeep going! >> i tried to leaeave and they held me down. >> the nfl's brightest star it stole the show and a
to the noise and that's going to have on rehearsal and recording functions >> thank you tim collin and david nickel. >> good afternoon tim collin. our members be looked at this project last year and i have to say it embodies everything we approve of in urban development but in particular we're excited particularly excited because this is the cities first step in hopefully, will be many more projects to come before you called student housing something patrick showed you earlier was in short seventy. we hope this is track attention and it will help move forward for other projects. it is to get more students out of larger units and into the smaller units in the city. particularly i want to thank you the planning staff that did on this. a few of you have been there through the wool process. please move this forward >> thank you. >> good afternoon commissioners my name is david i'm with the college of the arts. where a 1 hundred and 6-year-old institution founded during the earthquake. the lack of affordable student housing in the city is impacting the ability of san francisco colleges to attr
the break. tim biggam of trading block joins us now for chart talk. good morning. good to have you on the show as always tim. > > thank you. always great to be here. thanks angie. > > here we go with the big banks reporting in: we have goldman sachs, j.p. morgan coming out with earnings. what is a trader's view on the banks? do they think they're going to be profitable here? > > i think they will be profitable. loan loss reserves is always their magic bullet. they can bring those forward almost as needed, and that's their call to make. so, it's somewhat a smoothing effect, or a meet-the-number effect on earnings. so you have to drill down post-earnings report and see what sort of loan loss reserve manipulation they had to bring forward, and then take a look at their organic growth and what are they actually making. that is really the difficult thing going forward here, will be for these big banks, given both the equity and the bond environment and certainly the lack of big deals even though dell had an announcement a few days ago that organic growth - actually making money instead
existed. the question is now was he behind the hoax or a vehicle tim of the hoax. here are both sides of this bewildering story. notre dame's star line backer endured the death of his grandmother and then his girlfriend within six hours of each other last september. he says he met his girlfriend after the 2009 stanford football game. the on-line relationship included her involvement in a serious car accident and then her death. >> the love of my life. the last thing she said to me was i love you. >> he then lead the irish to a series of stunning victories propelled by his success and his inspirational story. he was a finalist for the heisman trophy as he president co-ed to grieve publicly for his girlfriend. >> my brother called me and was crying and crying and crying. that's when i knew, but i was still in denial. >> but now the website dead spin.com president ares the girlfriend never existed. it showed that there was no accident report or death certificate and no record of her enrollment in stanford. her on-line photos belong to a 22-year-old california woman who claims to have nev
, and jeanette. tim is a professor at the stanford business school where he teaches a very popular class on this service via in fact, i have taken your class, and you bring in some incredible speakers and make it very entertaining. jim also has a distinguished career in the private sector. he was the president of oracle's on demand service, which by some records was the first online on demand service. cloud computing has a lot of fathers, but tim is often called the grandfather of cloud computing because of that endeavor. but tim is also an investor in a cloud computing companies, and author of some very exciting cloud computing books. thank you for being here. next, we have simon crosby. he is an entrepreneur, who has just launched his latest company, and he might tell us a little bit about it. before that, almost just about a month ago, he was the cto of citrix systems. he got there by selling his last company to them. that company has developed some of the key virtualization technologies, which enable the cloud. he made a big contribution. thank you for that. last but definitely not l
. tim, what did you do? >> you must have been great, because i don't remember. it was a lot of fun. when i grew up, i grew up in iowa, and we could drink at 18. so we had a little jump on things. and that was great, because you learn to respect and drink in moderation and enjoy. >> do you have a favorite cocktail? >> i do. we develop a lot of cocktails. my favorite cocktail is the one that's in front of me at the time. with tequila. >> what about you, jack? you're not 21 yet. we wanted to know what did you do at 21 and we got some great responses. >> yes. i headed down to ocean city, maryland and had my first legal drink on the chesapeake bay. i like that. >> tim says he went to las vegas for two days and stayed for two weeks. i wonder if he recalls any of that. >> i fully appreciate that. that is a good leaving las vegas party. well played, my friend. also, frank turned 21, and he was watching tom petty and the heartbreakers in san francisco. nice, nice. >> and precious got wasted. >> i spent my 21st birthday in spain. it was after a semester on the london program, syracuse university.
the treasury secretary tim geithner. people came with a wall street. their biggest concern was protecting the banks, protect them if they saw. but they didn't have people sensitive to the issues. if you shovel hundreds of billions of dollars out for me you have real vulnerabilities to fraud. there says that will try to steal that money. they are not as attuned to complex adventures. we were cognizant of the fact he needed a degree of skepticism with people and institutions they were interacting. so our role and what the role of all ig should be as the voice of the taxpayer, to be the institutional concept of pushing back when money is pushed out with not enough strings attached whenever potential longer abilities to fraud but frankly if you have a career at goldman sachs coming your not really sensitive to when you push this money out. one of the things i saw was this presumption of goodness that these banks and executives would never, ever take advantage of the taxpayer by putting their profit interest over that of the public interest and i think our voices of skepticism to bring that ba
'll miss that. but she's done her day's work. tim cook is back in china for the second time in less than a year. we'll be back in shanghai for analysis. this is what the future looks like. no, not me, but in vegas where we view the latest gadgets at the electronics consumer show. we'll find out how mario draghi plans to shape the year. plus, the oscars, we'll look at the favorite to pick up the golden statue from los angeles at 11:40 e.t. lincoln got ten nominations yesterday. but first, china hs surprised the market with a very strong set of trade numbers. exports for december blowing past expectations hitting a seven-month high. our china correspondent has the details for us and joins us in singapore. hi, eunice. even orr iron ore is up a bit w will reflect the commodity prices. >> yeah. and these numbers blew everybody away especially after the november numbers came in so poorly that everybody's expectations were managed downwards. the exports came in at 14.1% for december. imports came in strong at 6% for december, as well. so all the numbers look pretty good. now, the reason why peo
tim kaine just took the oath of office along with 11 new members of the senate. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey is live on capitol hill with more on senator kane's first day on the job. joules? >> reporter: mostly today was a day of reflection for tim kane. he's taken the oath of office many times before, but as he steps into his new role as virginia senator, tim kaine possibly faces his toughest job yet. for a day anyway, fiscal cliff gloom gave way to cheers as tim kaine supporters welcomed virginia's brand-new senator. minutes earlier on the senate floor, this was the more solemn scene, as former governor kane took his latest oath of office. at his side new york mark warner and outgoing senator jim webb kaine tells news4 he comes armed with great optimism about his new job. >> yes, it is exciting. maybe even particularly in a tough time. >> reporter: he says he takes heart in the fact that 11 other new senators joan him, all clustered together at the bottom of the capitol steps, and three more will be added, enough new blood, he thinks, to perhaps change the atmosphe
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. tim at the cme. i would say everybody is focused on apple right now. what are expectations in chicago? >> everybody is focused, but i am not so sure it is this quarter. what they will do for the quarter and in march. it will really be key, specifically apple lowers expectations, but the concern is they might not get away with it this time. having said that, why i say this quarter may not be so big. they were originally looking for $11.77 or sure. they have already raised estimates, the report the other day now expectations are a little bit for this quarter, so watch the march quarter. the guidance they give will be the focus. sandra: we're also looking at netflix. i am hearing that if netflix at least reports in-line with estimates the focus then will merely be on their subscriber growth. fast speed internet subscriber growth for streaming video. what are you watching? >> you are right, you look at what they're expecting, a loss around $0.12 a year ago. because of their investments to increase their subscriber base, which last guidance, last quarter was 1.3 million or 1.2 million. the
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,490 (some duplicates have been removed)

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